M-Rena Fabulous Tummy Control Leggings

The Slimming collection: look instantly slimmer with our M-Rena Tummy Control Leggings, a secret interior stitching with high waist band that creates a super-slim effect. The most fabulous high waist leggings that flatters every figure. The leggings that every woman wants and needs!

Mid-section/Love Handles: High waist, one-piece seamless construction helps slim and flatten your upper abs, lower abs, core and love handles.

Hips: Medium control helps slim and control hips.

Buttocks: Comfortable compression helps reduce the appearance of cellulite giving you a firmer, lifted more shapely buttocks.

Inner thighs: Inner thighs are compressed to appear thinner and leaner.

Outer thighs: Smooth’s and tones outer thigh bulge


When looking for great leggings, M-Rena has the Multi-functional leggings: Support, Comfort, Durability and Quality. they provide a tummy panel type of support, which make me feel in heaven! M-Rena has  3 types of Leggings which I’ll explain letter, but with no doubt my favorite is the rayon one. Why do I love rayon? Rayon makes such great warm-weather wear. They can be casual, comfortable and incredibly cool on even the hottest Southern California day because it absorbs the sweat. Rayon washes beautifully, it does not get the lint or static from other clothes like nylon.  Just remember this rayon leggings are not jeans and are always going to be a little bit see through. You must wear them with a tunic to cover your butt.

No more fear of the dreaded muffin top. This leggings are great for new moms because It slims down the midsection


Jeggings are  like the best skinny jeans ever! these denim jeggings are so easy to match because since the fabric is a denim blend, thicker than a rayon legging, it won’t be see-through and you will be able to wear a shorter top with it and show off your booty. The best part is that if you are not super fit, jeggings will hold you in and you’ll feel more secure. No visible cellulite or panti lines .Just make sure not to match them with a super-duper tight blouse or it will ruin a chic and elegant look.




Leggings are always the biggest fashion trend for Fall. These amazing M-Rena Sweater Leggings will for sure keep you warm and looking great. Definitely a must have.